Tea magic

After typing the title for this blog, I immediately went to the kitchen to brew a kettle of cinnamon tea.  There’s something about the heat and flavor of tea during the cold months that soothes the spirit and grounds me.  Just thinking about it right now made me want to treat my body and heart to a little tea love.

Tea magic is a great combination of water, earth, and fire magic all in one.  Not every spell works directly with the four elements, but in my own practice I find myself drawn to incorporating earth, air, fire, and water.  The tea leaves bring their earth energy to the water where it is transformed into a magical infusion with fire.  So perfect, and part of why I love tea magic.  Also, it tastes good (usually).  Some tea magic can end up a little bitter depending on what you are trying to achieve, but generally it’s just a cup of warm goodness with a little extra magical kick.

There are four general types of tea: White, Green, Ooling, and Black.  There are all kinds of versions of these main groups, but most fit into one of these four.  White tea is picked at its youngest stage and Black at it’s latest.  White and Oolong carry feminine energy while Green and Black are masculine in nature.

White tea can be used with purification, protection, cleansing, new beginnings and meditation spells.

Green is great for sex, energy, love, and any magic that requires movement or progression (moving on, moving in, moving out).

Oolong aids in increasing wisdom, romance, energy, passion, and concentration.

Black teas can be used in spells for strength, stability, endings or closures, banishings, removing negative energies, and death observances.

Whenever possible use loose leaf teas to brew your infusions.  Combine your tea of choice with other herbs and spices that apply to your working.  For example, as a water sign I find myself in need of fire energy at times to heat up my life, sex drive, creativity, etc.  Often I use cloves and cinnamon.  Nutmeg helps with meditation.  I also like to use a tea wash when I need to purify something.  In those times vanilla and allspice are wonderful additions to the leaves.

Start by blessing the water and allow yourself to raise power while the water comes to a boil.  The old saying is. “a watched pot never boils,” so definitely don’t watch the pot.  Instead, allow yourself to chant, sing, dance, sway, hum, meditate, pray, etc. to draw the energies you need to yourself until the kettle whistles.  While your tea steeps, say the words of the spell you’ve written and visualize the tea gathering the energy you raised into its liquid.  Now you can use the tea water, drink it, or store it for use at a later date depending on your needs.

Just a final thought, anytime transformation is involved in a spell big energy is raised.  The changing state of the heating water from liquid to steam is an opportunity to work transformation in your own life and practice.  Even when I boil a kettle for a random non-magical cup of tea, I always use the tipping point from one state to the other to draw the power of transformation into my spirit.

Now, go enjoy a cup of tea charged with your own personal magic.


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