Heat Up Your Magic with Home Grown Ginger

Eight years ago, I was pregnant with twins as a surrogate for friends, pregnant and suffering mightily with morning sickness.  During that pregnancy I relied on the medicinal properties of ginger, fresh, cooked, baked, and candied, to ease the constant nausea.  Every meal included it and I even found ginger pops to suck on between tham.  Ginger is also useful for the immune system and as an aphrodisiac.

While ginger is a well-known prescription for stomach problems, it is also eaten before spell-casting to increase the power you lend them.  It’s a rhizome filled with fire and will heat you up as well.  In particular, ginger is useful for love, money, success, and power spells.

Few of us aren’t working some sort of money spell at one time or another.  Planting and growing the root is an attractant for gaining money.  Many people don’t realize that ginger, though a tropical crop, can be grown indoors quite easily to use later in your spell work, with the added bonus of attracting money to your door.

Growing ginger requires simply a plump root chosen from the local market, soil, and a pot.

  1. Put your root in a dry place and wait for nodes or eyes to show.
  2. Cut the root into pieces each with 1-2 eyes
  3. Fill a pot about 10-12 inches with soil and plant the root pieces about an inch below the surface.
  4. Water.  Place in a bright room but not in direct sunlight
  5. Shoots will arrive and then you should water liberally.  Allow the surface of the soil to dry and then water again.
  6. Use a spray bottle to mist the leaves every day to create the tropical environment.
  7. Once the ginger has become well established in your smaller pot, move once only to the largest possible pot (about one year after first planting)

Use your ginger for spell-work, cooking, or for your improved health.  Anything you plant and use carries added personal power and intention with it.  It’s part of the endless cycle of giving and taking.



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