There's a Storm on the Horizon


Yesterday, Willow Moon and I were delivering Girl Scout cookies when the sky became heavy with deep grey clouds.  The wind pushed against the car and dry dead branches broke from the trees and whipped across the road.  Moments like this are special gifts for the natural and practical witch.  When nature raises her own power, we can use it to direct towards our purposes and that magic will be empowered by the natural energy of the earth.  One caution to working this way is that wild energy is wild.  Self mastery is key to harnessing and directing all raised power.  You need to be practicing meditation, sustained focus and concentration, and raising and directing your own power before working with weather.

Different types of storms have different natures and are best directed toward those aspects.  You can prepare ahead or work on the fly with a sudden weather change.  Here are some useful weather power attributes to use as a guide:

Lightning storms are great for any kind of spell because the power they produce is so intense.  They are particularly effective in protection work.

Rainstorms are great for purification, beauty, releasing of negative emotions, love and friendship.

Snowstorms are a good time for gentleness, purification, binding, stilling and releasing emotion.

Strong  winds can help break addictions or obsessions.  Travel magic is aided in a wind storm also.

Those hot summer days can add extra power to courage and energy spells.

Finally, eclipses are a time for banishment magic, including eradicating disease of the mind and body

One final thought, always reemerged to ground thoroughly after working with wild energy.   Be certain to send what’s leftover back into the earth.  Carrying wild energy around with you can bring pretty  unpredictable consequences.


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