Raising and focusing energy is the activity of magic, intention is it’s core, and grounding and centering is its foundation.  We begin and end every working with them both, skipping either will have consequences to your work and your energy.  Even in our everyday lives, not being grounded and centered can influence both mood and health.

Grounding is connecting yourself to the earth, reaffirming that we are it and it is us.  We are often in an unbalanced relationship with nature, often forgetting we are a part of it as we walk on asphalt and cement wearing rubber soles and surrounded by steel and glass.  Being well grounded is vital to raising great energy to direct toward your intention and also to returning any unused energy back to the earth after your magic is finished.  As a young learning witch, I spent time working in a coven when I learned just how important grounding is after raising power.  After a particularly powerful circle, I felt ill and dizzy.  Our leader noticed and taught me how to ground more thoroughly.

Once grounded we center ourselves, a sort of grounding into the seat of our own souls.  What we raise can only be well-directed if we are securely rooted to ourselves, our motivations, our own divinity.

Here are a few techniques I use for grounding:

Put your bare feet on the grass, leaves, dirt and feel roots begin to grow and spread into the earth below you

Put your hands on the ground and imagine tendrils of ivy or other climbing plant grow up around your arms until you and it are the same thing

Ring a singing bowl three times allowing the sound to resonate in your belly between each strike

Sit cross-legged facing a wall or tree, lean forward and put your forehead against the solid surface.  Allow it’s strength to hold you up.

Here are a few techniques for centering:

Sit on the floor and slow your breath.  Pay attention to it filling your lungs and then emptying out again.  With each inhale think, “I”, and with each exhale think “Am”.

Inhale and raise your hands above your head, exhale and press your palms down to your hips as if pressing down something with resistance.  Imagine light surrounding you on the inhale and then pressing down into your belly on the exhale.

Pick up something beautiful, a flower, a leaf, your child, and focus all your attention on it.  Take note of what each of your senses experiences for those few moments.

These things can be used even when you need to ground and center for non-magical purposes.  Grounding and centering is the foundation of life and magic.




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