Growing a Smudging Garden

‘Tis the season for getting those gardens planted! Along with brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, the early vegetables to start in the garden, it is also time to get those herbs in the ground.  The nice thing about most herbs is they are perennials and will come back year after year saving you money and time, with a few exceptions.

I have an 8 X 12 section of my garden designated for herbs I use in my cooking as well as in my spellwork. My favorite way to use them is by smudging. Not only does it clean the energy and leave your house smelling wonderful, but there are antibacterial properties in many of the herbs that kill germs that may be lurking around.

My herbs have gotten a little over zealous the last few years and gotten away from me.  So this year I am starting from scratch.  I either cut back the large bushes or pulled them completely out, except my oregano which is starting a lovely border pattern around the one edge all on its own.   My goal is to grow as many herbs for smudging sticks as I can as well as grow the yummy herbs like Basil and Lemon Thyme that I love to use in my meals. Basil is an annual so that is one you will need to replant every year, but the others will all keep coming back year after year.umbel-897906_1920

Down the left side and on either end across the top of the herb garden, I have planted 4 types of lavender; English, Fernleaf, French and Royal Purple.  Lavender is great to use in blessings, love,  dream, money and many other spells as well as for cleansing, calming, meditation and sleep.lavendar-1153408_1920

In the middle of the top row of lavender, I have planted Rosemary. Rosemary and Lavender are very similar in that they look and smell wonderful, they are both very hardy and need very little fertilization or water. Rosemary is useful in protection, enhancing your memory and for helping keep away nightmares. This is a great plant to use to fumigate your house from disease.spiderweb-841610_1920

Below the top row I have planted chamomile seeds.  Chamomile is not only a great herb to use in teas to help sore throats, but is also a great herb to use in money, purification and luck spells along with so many more. Use it in a smudging stick to promote a calming energy in your home.chamomile-401490_1920

Directly in the center of my herb garden, I have 3 types of Sage; White, Purple and Golden. Sage is my all time favorite herb to use for smudging sticks. Sage is great in cleansing a new home, a home where negative energy has been present and even to begin each season anew. It has great antibacterial properties and is also great to use after colds have been in the home. Many people use them in healing, money spells and spells to break bad habits.ladybug-1428899_1920

Below the sage I have planted my lemon thyme. Not only does it taste amazing and have an aroma of heaven, it is also used to promote strength and courage, achieve a goal that seems not achievable and help in restful sleep. Thyme is also said to attract Faeries to your garden and craftwork.

Next to the thyme, is my Basil.  I love Basil! The smell, the flavor. Mmmmm. Love it! It is also awesome to use in peacemaking spells as well as spells for love, money and happiness.basil-1638474_1920

Which leads me to the oregano that has decided to spread itself so lovingly across the bottom of my garden. I use Oregano in health and protection spells and it is also useful in letting go of a loved one and the grieving process as well as to promote psychic dreams.oregano-790702_1920

The best thing about planting herbs in a garden is other than pruning which is great to add to your drying bunches around the house, very little care is needed . Mother Nature usually provides everything they need to grow successfully.

I will probably add more herbs as the season progresses as being as self sufficient as possible is one of the most important things to me as a cottage witch. And truly whats better than walking out your back door and grabbing fresh herbs for any needs you may have.


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