Celebrating Summer Solstice



Summer Solstice, aka Midsummer, is the longest day of the year and a day to celebrate fertility, life, light, success and energy.  There are many ways to celebrate and take advantage of this glowing energy at home. My favorite is to welcome the sunrise around my fire pit in my backyard sanctuary. I usually get up shortly before the rest of the house and get some biscuits ready to go in the oven and set the picnic table out back with butter, honey and hot tea.  I then wake everyone and we (my children, hubby and I) like to sit around the fire patting our legs, lightly drum on little bongos or even tapping sticks together to welcome the suns energy to another day.

After we sit in awe of the beauty that has risen, the biscuits are finished baking and we meet around the picnic table wrapped in our blankets to enjoy them with butter and honey. It is good luck to eat honey this time of year and we eat it to acknowledge the gifts the bees give to us.

Throughout the rest of our day we do our best to enjoy the sun and each other, offering gifts such as coins into waterways, compost into earth, songs into air and herbs into the fire. Sometimes we will spend the day at the beach or hiking in the woods, but we always end the day with the kids around the fire once more enjoying s’mores, stories and singing before we send the kids to bed, so hubby and I can celebrate the summer solstice like grown ups.

Sex is a big part of midsummer. Be creative. Dab sandalwood or lavender oil on your pressure points,  light some candles, play some sensual music, and dance into each others arms. Feed each other fruit and heavy cream and lead things back into the bedroom, or even better, if you have a private yard, enjoy each other under the summer sky and the Honey Moon.

However, you choose to celebrate, We Wish You a Blessed Summer Solstice!




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